Safe-mail for Business

Safe-mail now offers a full-function email system and collaboration platform for businesses and groups. It embodies all the features and functionality of the normal, public Safe-mail service plus additional tools and features to make Safe-mail for Business an ideal communication platform for the enterprise user. With Safe-mail for Business, businesses and groups retain their own domain while building a secure community of for employees, customers, business partners and suppliers.

Most importantly from a cost/benefit standpoint, Safe-mail for Business is a fully outsourced service that requires no investment in hardware, software or internal infrastructure. Neither is there any impact on a company's current IT resources since all technical support and maintenance costs are included in the service. Just one service price covers everything. Safe-mail for Business, presents an ideal solution for companies and organizations that want to maintain the highest level of privacy when communicating via email with their clients and business partners - without the financial difficulty and uncertainty of building an in-house solution.

A full function, easy to use back-office facility gives companies the ability to:

Corporate domain name, i.e. provides a coherent company image to customers and business partners.

An automatic disaster back-up recovery system ensures that whatever happens to the server, critical data is recoverable from a remote back-up site.

Safe-mail for Business provides companies and individuals with peace of mind because private and confidential data are Safe-guarded through:

Safe-mail for Business offers simplicity and mobility because there is no download or installation required to implement the system. Neither do a company's customers have any of the inconvenience of installing special programs and digital certificates on their computers. Safe-mail takes care of all of that complexity. All that's required is a standard browser program and an Internet connection. This gives 24 x 7 mobility for any user to communicate from any location to anyone from any machine at any time. This simplicity and mobility also applies to operators of a company's back-office account.

This hygienic and efficient approach to secure communication brings significant cost savings. There's no technical impact on a company's existing IT resources. There's no deployment of special mail client software to internal or external staff, partners and customers. And Safe-mail for Business is available at an competitive price when compared to alternative systems.

Safe-haven - This is a special offshore service that's ideal for businesses that require all the functions and features of Safe-mail for Business but hosted on servers in offshore locations that provide privacy and protection from intrusive parties.

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Available Packages

A range of business packages are available. These packages provide all the functions and features of Safe-mail plus your own domain name and a back office facility to manage users within your own domain.

To place an order, select the program that best suits your needs:

Program Max # of addresses Disk space Annual fee
Bronze 10 100Mb $276/year
Silver 25 250Mb $600/year
Gold 50 500Mb $1080/year
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