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Safe-mail for Business

Safe-mail now offers a full-function email system and collaboration platform for businesses and groups. It embodies all the features and functionality of the normal, public Safe-mail service plus additional tools and features to make Safe-mail for Business an ideal communication platform for the enterprise user. With Safe-mail for Business, businesses and groups retain their own domain while building a secure community of for employees, customers, business partners and suppliers.

Most importantly from a cost/benefit standpoint, Safe-mail for Business is a fully outsourced service that requires no investment in hardware, software or internal infrastructure. Neither is there any impact on a company’s current IT resources since all technical support and maintenance costs are included in the service. Just one service price covers everything. Safe-mail for Business, presents an ideal solution for companies and organizations that want to maintain the highest level of privacy when communicating via email with their clients and business partners – without the financial difficulty and uncertainty of building an in-house solution.

A full function, easy to use back-office facility gives companies the ability to:

  • Open new accounts to create a constantly growing body of users from both within company boundaries and from without. Companies can link their own internal staff with their external business partners and clients into one simple, secure and seamless community.

  • Allocate generous disk storage space from 10Mb up to 100Mb or more (if required) for each user.

Corporate domain name, i.e. provides a coherent company image to customers and business partners.

An automatic disaster back-up recovery system ensures that whatever happens to the server, critical data is recoverable from a remote back-up site.

Safe-mail for Business provides companies and individuals with peace of mind because private and confidential data are Safe-guarded through:

  • Secure internal communication, storage and collaboration, i.e. in-office, between offices and between offices and externally located staff. (i.e. a VPN installation)

  • Two-way secure communication, storage and collaboration with external business partners.

  • Two-way secure communication with clients who may use any Safe-mail enabled system including the public site. Or they may benefit from Safe-mail’s S/MIME compatibility to use their existing digital certificate with their preferred mail client.

  • Drop box facility provides an easy option for sending data securely to non-Safe-mail users.

  • Option to use identification cards instead of, or in addition to, passwords.

Safe-mail for Business offers simplicity and mobility because there is no download or installation required to implement the system. Neither do a company’s customers have any of the inconvenience of installing special programs and digital certificates on their computers. Safe-mail takes care of all of that complexity. All that’s required is a standard browser program and an Internet connection. This gives 24 x 7 mobility for any user to communicate from any location to anyone from any machine at any time. This simplicity and mobility also applies to operators of a company’s back-office account.

This hygienic and efficient approach to secure communication brings significant cost savings. There’s no technical impact on a company’s existing IT resources. There’s no deployment of special mail client software to internal or external staff, partners and customers. And Safe-mail for Business is available at an competitive price when compared to alternative systems.

Safe-haven – This is a special offshore service that’s ideal for businesses that require all the functions and features of Safe-mail for Business but hosted on servers in offshore locations that provide privacy and protection from intrusive parties.

Click here to learn more about how Safe-haven will protect you and your business.

Available Packages

A range of business packages are available. These packages provide all the functions and features of Safe-mail plus your own domain name and a back office facility to manage users within your own domain.

To place an order, select the program that best suits your needs:

Program Max # of
Disk space Annual fee
Bronze 10 100Mb $276/year
Silver 25 250Mb $600/year
Gold 50 500Mb $1080/year


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