SAFe-mail Announces SAFe-haven

Press Release, 2004

For Immediate Release

SAFe-mail Limited Announces SAFe-haven™ – a Maximum Security Email Solution for Private and Corporate Use

Jerusalem, Israel – April 4, 2004 – SAFe-mail, a global provider of e-messaging protection and transaction services, today announced that SAFe-haven will be the latest addition to its suite of secure communication services. SAFe-mail offers a comprehensive, feature-rich, secure communication system that provides a wide range of secure applications including messaging, collaborative document development, data distribution/access, data storage, and on-line payment.

SAFe-haven takes electronic communication security to the next level – making email even more safe and secure. SAFe-haven provides sophisticated electronic and legal privacy, combined with enhanced physical security – for users who need the maximum in email security.

Advanced Electronic Security

SAFe-haven applies 256 bit Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption at every point in the system. This means that no one can intercept your messages, and no one can view the contents of your account. At the current level of technology, it would take billions of years of dedicated processing for an outsider to force access to just one account.

Both SAFe-mail and SAFe-haven boast some of the strongest encryption algorithms available. However, for standard SAFe-mail accounts, a government can demand by judicial decree, that we violate our internal security policies and reveal the contents of specific user accounts.

SAFe-haven closes this security loophole, by incorporating a new system that eliminates the ability for SAFe-mail to view the contents of SAFe-haven accounts. This means that nobody can examine the contents of your account – not SAFe-mail, not the government, not anyone.

Offshore Jurisdiction

Unfortunately, advanced electronic security doesn’t keep a government from attempting to seize an email server, and attempting to extract information by brute force. Brute force extraction is virtually impossible at today’s current level of technology, but we have chosen to avoid this possibility by placing the SAFe-haven email server in a high security facility on the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man is an offshore jurisdiction that takes privacy protection very seriously. On the Isle of Man, SAFe-haven servers are virtually invulnerable to legal intrusion.

Enhanced Physical Security

In addition to the legal protections afforded by the Isle of Man, the facility housing the SAFe-haven server employs advanced security measures to protect against physical intrusion – as well as guarding against mishap, such as fire or power interruption.

About SAFe-mail

SAFe-mail Limited is the leading provider of secure message management solutions, including e-mail, document delivery, document storage, and instant messaging, for both the consumer and enterprise markets.

SAFe-haven, SAFe-mail Email, SAFe-mail Publish, SAFe-mail DocStore, and SAFe-mail Chat are flexible, easy-to-use solutions for securing all communications for corporations, financial services companies, HIPAA compliant healthcare organizations, and governmental agencies – over both Internet and wireless networks. SAFe-mail’s PKI-based solutions support secure message transmission to anyone, anywhere, without requiring users or recipients to download special software.

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Media/Investor Contact: Amiram Ofir

SOURCE: SAFe-mail Limited