Sample Portfolio

Millions Of Words And 30 Years Later…

I have accumulated an extensive portfolio of writing samples. Here are a few:

Technical Writing

Banter Relationship Objects API User’s Guide – API User Guide, 2001 (API no longer in use.)

Active Paper Daily (Olive Software) – Web-based Help, 2003

Banter Reply Installation for Windows/SQL Server – Installation Guide, 2001

Spam Protection (SAFe-mail) – Short User Guide, 2005

Marketing Communications

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem – Promotional Website, 1997

SAFe-mail for Business – Product Description, 2005

SAFe-mail Presentation to Comsec – PowerPoint Sales Presentation (download), 2004

SAFe-mail Announces SAFe-haven – Press Release, 2005

Other Writing Examples

The Way to Aqaba – Travel Writing Example, 2005

The Day the World Changed – Short Opinion Piece, 2006

My Friend, the Assassin – Short Opinion Piece, 2007

Allow Me to Introduce You to Richard Carrington – Short Article, 2011

When Cycles Die – Article, 2014

The System is Dying – Three Part Long-Form Article, 2017

The Tragic Tale of Huang YanLing – Long-Form Article, 2020

The Madness Pivot of History – Article, 2022

System Crash – Short Article, 2022

Global System Crash – Short Article, 2022

Oh, and don’t forget this website. Graphics, design, and writing on this site is courtesy of yours truly – with some help from GeneratePress.